Cholera Vaccination



Cholera is caught after eating or drinking food, drink or water contaminated by a bacteria. The disease causes loose watery and sometime bloody diarrhoea. Risky foods include unwashed salads; fruits; shellfish and contaminated water. Apart from careful hand washing before eating and after visiting the bathroom, the vaccination is recommended  in those travelling to outbreak areas or doing humanitarian work. The vaccine (Dukoral) is not an injection but protection is gained for up to 2 years after taking two drinks  1-6 weeks apart. Ideally the second drink should be taken 1 week before travel. The disease is found throughout the world particularly in countries where sanitation is poor, particularly parts of Africa, India and South East Asia. Areas reporting cholera outbreaks 2010-2014

Areas reporting cholera outbreaks 2010-2014 (WHO)

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