Occupational Medicals


The team fit2fly are training in Occupational Medicine from the Faculty in Occupational Medicine, London.They are well placed to undertake a variety of regulatory medical assessments and certificates including the following.

UK Oil and Gas Medicals

Airside Drivers Medical

HGV / LGV / DVLA Group 2 (D4) Medical

Taxi / MiniCab / PCO/ Hackney Medical


Process is easy!

  • Book by calling 03334043232 ( We work late nights and Saturdays!)
  • A completed  the appropriate forms preferably before you arrive to speed the process
  • Bring in some photo ID like a valid passport
  • Bring in you last medical certificate if applicable
  • Ideally bring in a recent patient summary record from your GP ( You can request this directly with them but they usually need 48 hrs to process it)
  • Bring in a signed medical consent form or you can do this at the time of the assessment
  • Bring in your Glasses/ contact lenses (if worn) with an up to date spectacle prescription. Contact lens wearers should attend wearing glasses.
  • Bring in a Chaperone if you wish one to be present during the clinical assessment
  • If not paid already bring in a means to pay for the assessment on the day- Cash, Debit or Credit Cards are fine. (AMEX or Cheques are not accepted)
  • Allow enough time to park, relax, complete the forms and chat to our staff.

If a specific medical check, test, investigation or certificate is required which is not listed then please contact us directly for a price.​