LAPL Medical


fit2fly clinics are authorised to perform UK CAA LAPL Pilot medical checks at our clinics. We offer appointments 6 days a week including late nights, Saturdays and even someday if needed,
LAPLs for fixed and rotary wing are frequently issued SAMEDAY

The branches have convenient parking  available for patients  on site.

The medical standards for a Light Aircraft Pilots License (LAPL) are DVLA Class 2 or Class 1 with restrictions added by an AME.

We can assist either way to get you a license and get you flying asap as we have all the equipment (ECG/ Audiograms etc) onsite to usually make the determination the same day.

Our LAPL medical certificates are issued through the CAA online web service.

Please bring the following with you:

  • A completed form
  • A valid Driving License
  • Ideally a patient summary record from your own doctor
  • Up to date Specialist reports
  • All your medications
  • Signed medical consent form
  • Glasses/ contact lenses if worn with an up to date spectacle prescription. Contact lens wearers should attend wearing glasses.
  • A Chaperone if you wish one is present during your clinical assessment
  • A means to pay for any additional assessments on the day

Payment is accepted by Debit / Credit Cards or Cash. Cheques or AMEX credit cards are not accepted

Revalidation time limits for LAPLs

What should I bring to my medical examination?
Please bring along your patient summary from your won doctor and photo proof of identity e.g. your driving license.

If you wear glasses or contact lenses then wear your glasses and bring an up to date opticians prescription.

You will be asked to complete and sign an application form and new pilots will be asked to sign a consent so I can access your medical record on the CAA database and attain information from your family doctor.