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Our service offers travel vaccines across the UK | Open Monday – Saturday

Travel Medicals and Vaccination clinics across the UK – Welcome to fit2fly


fit2flyclinics are easy to access Travel Medical and Vaccination clinics. We offer our services in Leicester and Watford> Appointments are available 6 days a week including late nights and Saturdays for the busy travellers or professionals who need assessments.

The clinic is led by a team of specialist travel health doctors, who have undergone postgraduate training in the field of Aviation Medicine ( Kings College, London), Occupational Medicine ( Faculty of Occupational Medicine, London) and Travel Medicine (at the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow), This allows us to undertake regulatory medicals for professional travellers like Pilots, Cabin Crew, and those whose work depends on them travelling and working safely abroad like Business Executives, Oil and Gas Workers and Volunteers. The clinics are designed to address the health needs of the increasing numbers of people with 'wanderlust' and the desire to travel abroad and to generally promote a positive, healthy and safe travel experience.

We can help 'turned away travellers' with last minute medical checks and travel vaccinations and those with more complex travel health requirements like professionals, gap year students, volunteers, mountain climbers, pregnant travellers, elderly, diabetic travellers or those with a fear of needles!.

We offer bespoke travel risk assessments, medicals and vaccinations aimed at reducing the risk of ill-health whilst abroad.

Travel vaccines price list

Prices (£) are shown per dose

We pride ourselves on our ultra competitive prices

Yellow Fever plus certificate (Stamaril®)


Hepatitis B

Japanese Encephalitis (IXIARO®)

Hepatitis A & Hepatitis B combined

Hepatitis A & Typhoid combined ( over 16yrs old)

Hepatitis A



Tick-borne Encephalitis

Meningitis ACWY

Junior Hepatitis A

Junior Hepatitis A & Hepatitis B

Junior Hepatitis B


Tetanus, Diphtheria and Polio

Whooping Cough (Pertussis), Diphtheria, Tetanus, Polio

Meningitis B Vaccine (BEXSERO)

Measles, Mumps, Rubella vaccine

Sterile Medical Kit


Pneumonia (Pneumovax®)

Shingles vaccine (Zostavax®)

HPV Vaccination (Gardasil®)

Flu Vaccination

How fit2flyclinics work

Our clinics are open Monday - Saturday

We offer a full range of services including Aeromedical Assessments and all Travel vaccinations and Anti-malarials, including Yellow Fever (Stamaril®) vaccine, Hepatitis A and B, Rabies, Tetanus, Whooping Cough, Japanese Encephalitis, Meningitis ACWY, Cholera, Typhoid, Tick-borne encephalitis, Tetanus, Polio and Diphtheria. We also offer free sterile medical kits, advice on reducing the risk of diseases for which there are no vaccinations (such as Dengue fever and Zika virus) and treatment of conditions such as travellers' diarrhoea and altitude sickness. Our clinics are especially popular with last-minute travellers.

On arrival our travel team will review your previous vaccination history, medical history, present state of health, medications, allergies and travel itinerary . Please keep your immunisation documents safe, ideally with your passport, for use during your travels and as a record for the future. We recommend those vaccines that are considered most important.

The vaccinations you may need will depend on a number of factors and are determined by your specific risk assessment - these factors include the country you're visiting, the time away, your activities, accommodation, previous vaccination history, recent outbreaks and your current health. It is important therefore you bring in a patient summary from your doctors to assist us in giving you the best possible advice. Our experienced travel doctors will be able to give you specific, up-to-date information on the vaccinations and anti-malarials required for your destination and other measures needed to protect your health whilst abroad.

Advantages of fit2fly

  • Specialist advice from experienced travel DOCTORS
  • Easy access locations across in Leicester and Watford
  • Competitive prices
  • Same day service
  • Informative staff
  • Last minute friendly
  • Full range of vaccinates in stock
  • Free sterile medical kits
  • We issue medication for travellers' diarrhoea
  • Anti-malarials medications
  • You can discuss other health issues with our doctors
  • fit2fly vaccination record to share with your NHS GP
  • We UNDERSTAND your trip and are seasoned travellers ourselves
  • 20 years of helping travellers stay safe

Yellow Fever

Yellow fever is a viral disease that is caught from the bite of an infected mosquito.

Yellow Fever

Japanese Encephalitis

Japanese encephalitis is caused by a virus. It is passed to humans by the bite of infected mosquitoes.

Yellow Fever


Rabies occurs throughout the world, with most deaths taking place in developing countries, such as those in south-east Asia.

Yellow Fever
Travel luggage

Hepatitis A

The hepatitis A virus is present in faeces and can be spread from person to person, but it's usually caught by consuming contaminated food or water.

Yellow Fever

Hepatitis B

Hepatitis B is a serious liver infectionis common in many parts of the world, especially SE Asia, where up to 10% of the local population may be carriers.

Yellow Fever

Meningitis ACWY

Meningococcal meningitis is more common in some areas of Africa and Asia than in the UK. A vaccine is available to protect against some strains (ACWY).

Yellow Fever